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A Guide To Identifying Ginseng

A Plant That Is Good For The Health Of The Whole Organism

One very rare plant that is good for the health of the entire human body is ginseng. To pick the right plant, see how to identify ginseng.

The root of this plant looks like a man. Head, body, arms and legs can be distinguished. Therefore, it is believed that this plant can improve human health in all parts of the body.

Ginseng is a very slow growing plant and takes many years to reach its full development. Its height is about 15 inches and it has a very nice appearance. The leaves of this plant grow on stems and usually have three sets of leaves that branch out into their own groups of leaflets.

How To Identify Ginseng

One leaflet has five leaves spread out like a human hand with fingers. In the middle there are three larger leaves, and at the base there are two smaller leaves on both sides. The leaves are wide, and the edges are serrated. The very tip of the leaf is pointed.

Ginseng flowers grow in the shape of a ball on a single stem. There can be 30 to 50 flowers in that ball. The color of the flowers is green-yellow, and it can also be green-white. Each flower contains stamens and a pistil, so they need insects for pollination.

When the flower is pollinated, it will produce a berry. At the beginning of growth, at the beginning of summer, these berries look like small green dots, and during their growth they turn yellow. When they finish growing and are ripe, they turn a bright red color. Growth ends when autumn begins. Only one, possibly two seeds can be found in the fruits.

Because of the few seeds it produces and because of its slow growth, this plant is very rarely found in nature.

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