Private Lessons

Private lessons are for those interested in becoming competitive figure skaters or who want to improve and work on specific skills or elements.

Private lessons offer individualized instruction tailored to meet each skater personality and learning needs. One-on-one instruction allows for a more rapid progression of skills. Private lessons are a great supplement to group lessons and allow skaters to focus on the skills which need help. A coach will prepare a skater for competitions and test sessions.

Choosing a Coach

Observe the coaches at work. Watch them and take note of their qualities and teaching techniques to determine which will work best with you or your child. Speak with the coaches directly to discuss their views on teaching, training, and competing. Discuss possible goals and ask how they would help you accomplish your goals.

Things to Remember

  • Skaters of all ages and levels can begin private lessons.

  • Lessons are not set up through the ice rink management. This must be done directly with the coach.

  • Ice time is a separate fee from the lesson fee. Ice time is paid to Oak Park Ice Skating Rink.

  • Private lesson fees are paid directly to the coach.

  • Skaters do not need to complete all classes in the learn to skate group lesson program to begin private lessons.



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