Freestyle Etiquette


For the benefit of our skaters we would like to ask all parents, skaters, and coaches to observe the following guidelines so that freestyle sessions can be a positive experience for all. Freestyle sessions are designed for figure skaters to practice their routines and advanced skills. During these sessions, skaters will be doing difficult jumps and spins. If you are unsure if a freestyle session is for you, consult with your coach. ALL skaters must sign in and pay prior to taking the ice.


Safety Rules

The following safety rules are zero tolerance. These safety rules and courtesy suggestions are subject to change as the need arises. If there are any questions please discuss them with your primary coach or a member of the SFSC Board. Failure to follow rules can result in official club or rink action.


  • Freestyle sessions are meant for serious figure skating training, so playing or socializing is not permitted on freestyle sessions. Only a limited amount of talking should take place among the skaters training on freestyle sessions. 

  • Coaches must teach their skaters proper freestyle etiquette and how to “go with the flow” of skating traffic.

  • Think of a freestyle session as if it was a busy street with lots of traffic. Be aware of what is going on around you at all times when you practice on freestyles. Don't stand in the middle and talk. Before attempting a jump or spin, make sure the area is clear. Be courteous. Try to stay out of other skaters' way if possible.

  • Everyone on the session must watch out for the skater who is skating his or her program since that skater has the right of way

  • Skaters and coaches must remain both cautious and alert at all times. Respect other’s space. DO NOT skate or jump too close to another skater or coach. DO NOT skate too close to a skater who is spinning. 

  • Skaters should display a courteous attitude towards fellow skaters and coaches

  • The corners of the rink are where figure skaters practice single, double, and triple Lutz jumps. For safety reasons, it is expected that skaters should not spend a lot of time practicing an element over and over, except for Lutz jumps, in "Lutz Corners." Spins should not be practiced in those corners, except when a skater is doing his or her program.  

  • Spins should be practiced in the middle.  

  • Step off to tighten your skates

  • Take special care in spirals or when your blade is over the hip level

  • No stopping, sitting, or standing on the ice is permitted. If a skater needs to rest, he or she must go as close to the rail as possible or step off the ice

  • Get up right when you fall

  • Earphones and other electronic devises are prohibited on the ice for safety.

  • Use your time wisely



Before and after the Freestyle Session


  • Skaters are required to check in and pay at the Front Desk before stepping

   on the ice.  Skaters that aren’t signed in will be asked to leave the ice.

  • Please do not get on the ice until the Zamboni doors are shut.

  • It is the responsibility of all skaters to keep the ice arena clean. Remove all belongings (tissue, water bottles, gloves, skateguards, sweaters, etc.) before leaving the ice.

  • Skaters must leave the ice in a timely manner at the end of the session by the end of the session so that the ice can be resurfaced timely and the next session can start on time.

  • No food/drinks are allowed on the ice, with the exception of bottled water


Yelling, profanity, bullying and other unsportsmanlike conduct

  • Skaters, coaches, and parents are to refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct, profanity, yelling, harassment, intimidation and bullying at ALL times. This encompasses the ice, the lobby, and the parking lot areas. Failure to abide by this policy will result in official action taken by the SFSC Board and/or Rink Management.

  • Do not say negative things about other skaters and/or coaches



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